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Sweden Re-Thinks Nuclear

Posted in Nordic,Nuclear by Cheryl Morgan on the February 5th, 2009

In 1980 Sweden held a referendum on the use of nuclear power, and the people voted to phase it out. Now, however, the current government is having a re-think. Just like the UK, Sweden has a fleet of aging nuclear plants that need to be replaced with something. As coal and gas are now considered as dangerous, if nor more so, than nuclear, building new nukes is back on the agenda. The Guardian has more details.

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February EEnergy Informer

Posted in Nordic,Nuclear,UK by Cheryl Morgan on the February 3rd, 2009

The February 2009 issue of EEnergy Informer is now available. Here is the contents list:

  • Is Exxon’s Carbon Tax Part Of Obama’s Sea Change?
  • Nuclear Eyes On Britain
  • Energy Demand, Like Everything Else, to Slip In 2009
  • Mounting Unpaid Utility Bills Pose New Challenge For Smart Meters
  • Future Of Coal: Rhetoric vs. Reality
  • Can DOE Make A Difference?
  • Sempra Finds The El Dorado In Solar PVs
  • AREVA’s Setbacks In Finland Cause for Nuclear Alarm
  • New Year Letter To Obamas Warns On Factories Of Death

The article on Finland is available for free. All other articles currently require a subscription to the paper edition of the magazine. To subscribe to EEnergy Informer click here.

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Baltic States to Join NordPool

Posted in Electricity Transmission,Nordic by Cheryl Morgan on the September 5th, 2008

As of July 1, 2009 Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania will be able to trade power on NordPool. The expansion of the market is a result of the building of Estlink, a submarine transmission link between Estonia and Finland. Energy Business Review has more details.

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NordPool and Germany Link Up

Posted in Electricity Transmission,Europe,Germany,Nordic by Cheryl Morgan on the August 26th, 2008

According to EurActive the European Commission has approved a deal for a Northern European energy market that would link the Nordic region to Germany. The European Market Coupling Company will provide congestion management services and transmission rights trading to companies operating in NordPool and EEX. The deal is due to be finalized on September 29th.

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