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EEnergy Informer

Posted by Cheryl Morgan on the April 10th, 2008

EEnergy Inforrmer is a monthly newsletter produced by the American consultancy, Menlo Energy Economics. It is focused on business trends and developments in the electric power sector. Published regularly since 1991, EEnergy Informer reaches hundreds of influential decision makers in North America and around the world.

The editor, Dr. F.P. Sioshansi, has a wealth of experience in the energy industry and has worked for a wide range of companies including Southern California Edison, EPRI, NERA and GED. He is an acknowledged expert on demand side management issues. Further biographical details are available here.

Some back issues of EEnergy Informer are available on this site for free. Some articles are also available online (see below).

Dr. Sioshansi now has his own website, where sample articles from EEnergy Informer are now posted.

The full list of available articles is as follows: