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EIA Issues 2008 Energy Outlook

Posted in Generation by Cheryl Morgan on the June 25th, 2008

The EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook is due to be issued today. The report has been available in overview since March, but today’s release should see the complete document coming available. Highlights of the forecast are available on the EIA web site. The report is unlikely to be happy reading for the renewables lobby. It predicts that the percentage of electricity generated from renewables will fall from 18% in 2005 to only 15% in 2030. Production by nuclear generation is also forecast to fall, from 15% to 11%. Meanwhile production from natural gas is forecast to increase from 20% to 25%, and production from coal to increase from 41% to 46%. The remainder of the production is from liquid fuels. As Platts notes, the increase in coal production is mainly a result of the rapid increase in capacity in China.

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