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January EEnergy Informer

Posted in EEnergy Informer by Cheryl Morgan on the January 6th, 2009

The January 2009 issue of EEnergy Informer is now available. Here is the contents list:

  • Dawn of a new energy era?
  • Bending to Pressures, EU Waters Down Its Cap and Trade Scheme
  • California Forges Ahead On Carbon Diet Despite Economic Woes
  • Coal Gets A Wakeup Call On Both Sides Of The Atlantic
  • Poznan As A Precursor To Copenhagen?
  • Buffett Gets The Last Laugh As EDP Snaps Constellation
  • Drowning In Cheap Oil? Enjoy It While It Lasts
  • Can China Meet Its Ambitious Wind Targets?
  • Environmentalists Wish Comes True: Un-damming The Dams
  • Hawaii To Get Off Its Extreme Oil Addiction
  • Energy Conservation South African Style: Cut Back Or Else
  • Energy Efficiency Can Cut US Electricity Demand In Half

The article on dam removal is available for free. All other articles currently require a subscription to the paper edition of the magazine. To subscribe to EEnergy Informer click here.

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