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March EEnergy Informer

Posted in Articles,EEnergy Informer by Cheryl Morgan on the April 10th, 2008

The March 2008 issue of EEnergy Informer has been released. The contents list is as follows:

  • If Not Coal Then What?
  • EU Takes High Moral Ground On global Climate Change
  • FERC Dismisses Return To Re-regulation Despite Setbacks
  • Banks Adopt Carbon Principles
  • Worried About Future Of Coal, Wyoming Wants California’s Assurance
  • No Future for FutureGen
  • US Nuclear Sets New Records in 2007
  • Britain’s Renewable Obligation Scheme Seriously Flawed
  • Biofuels: Medicine Worse Than Disease?
  • 2007 Not A Bad Year
  • Special Supplement: Competitive Electricity Markets

The article on FERC is available for free. All other articles currently require a subscription to the paper edition of the magazine. To subscribe to EEnergy Informer click here.

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